Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Transmogrification TV

The first of possibly many observations on Hollywood here at Right Detour--entertainment entrails if you will.

E! Entertainment broadcast the first episode of I Am Cait, an alleged reality show documenting the transmogrification of Bruce Jenner into Caitlyn Jenner.

It is an "alleged" reality show in a number of senses.

First, like all reality shows, producers and directors stage events to some degree. In addition, everyone knows that when someone points a camera in another person's direction, they act differently.

Second, it remains to be seen whether or not Bruce will actually complete his transmogrification. After all, he still has his "junk."

That so far has made me skeptical of whether or not this "reality" show is real. I initially concluded that Bruce executed this as a stunt to secure his own show. Maybe he has tired of his supporting roll for the celebrity sluts known as the Kardashians and seeks stardom in his own right.

If not, his transmogrification hardly qualifies as an act of courage. Yes, he claims to be coming out as his "real self" despite the skepticism and hostility that he expects to face as a trans-gendered person. (As a side note, the notion of the "real self" is a puzzling one, at least from the perspective of progressives. Remember, they are the ones who claim that gender is a social construct--not a biological reality. According to this view, there is no real self, at least where gender is concerned.) But at this stage of our civilization's decay, what hostility could he face beyond talking heads on cable television and bloggers of varying degrees of notoriety?

If Jenner is sincere, then he is not displaying courage, but rather exhibiting a mental disorder. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders used to call it gender identity disorder. It asserted that people who desired to be the opposite gender suffered from a mental disorder.  The American Psychological Association now calls it gender dysphoria. Now the organization  denies that gender non-conformity is a mental disorder. It is concerned now only about the distress that one experiences from living as the gender into which one was born. The only reason for the change appears to be that calling it a disorder implies that someone possessing this disorder might actually be disordered.

This change parallels the change regarding homosexuality. The DSM used to identify homosexuality as a mental disorder. Now they consider it a mental disorder only if one feels distress over being a homosexual. (It used to be the distress over one's homosexuality was an indication of a sound emotional state--but never mind that now.)

With no psychology degree and analyzing the situation from my basement computer, I wonder if gender dysphoria may even be related to homosexuality. Despite the view of progressives that gender is a social construct, homosexuals distinguishing themselves by gender as "gays" and "lesbians." And many homosexual couples, especially lesbians, seen to adopt male and female rolls. For example, one of most well-known lesbians Ellen Degeneres clearly adopts a male persona in her dress and hair styles. Her partner identifies as "the wife."

Then there is the less well-known but more significant couple behind the fight over same sex marriage in California-- Kris Perry and Sandy Stier:

Maybe Jenner's reality is not related to his gender but to his homosexuality.

Who knows.

Perhaps he has mental disorder afterall.

That's what happens when you live with the Kardashians.


CW said...

I might be able to understand someone being attracted to their own gender, but what I’ll never understand is someone like Sandy Stier who wants another woman whose appearance and behavior are masculine. If she likes masculinity, why doesn’t she just want a man? Is it just the male equipment that she objects to?

There’s a reason that mankind is naturally inclined to reject and discourage homosexuality, but we live in the age of liberalism where we are bullied into discarding our natural instincts for the sake of feeding the liberals’ egos. Those egos, btw, are insatiable.

RightDetour said...

Hey CW!
No one seems to know at this stage what drives homosexuality and transgenderism. And progressives do not even want to know. Once it is conceded that homosexuality more than likely comes from some hormonal issues during pregnancy, progressives adopt a "don't ask don't tell approach"--no additional questions must be asked.

I wonder how progressives and homosexuals would react if science eventually determines that a specific hormonal deficiency during pregnancy causes or creates a propensity for homosexuality and that hormonal supplements could prevent it. Would they embrace it? Or since homosexuals have developed their own sub-culture, would they oppose it, calling it genocide.

It is,as you say, puzzling why someone born with same sex orientation would establish relationships with partners who mimic the opposite sex or go through gender reassignment surgery to conform to biological and societal norms.


CW said...

Well hello, Victor! It’s been a while…

Just so you know how dumb I can be, I at first thought you meant that only people who have been pregnant can become homosexuals :? (I am a bit slow sometimes).

I never heard of the pregnancy theory but that’s very interesting. I think the Left will oppose whatever the non-Left wants to do, because that is their standard modus operandi. You can’t feel superior if you go along with the norm, and common sense is the norm by definition. And when they have made a mess of sexuality and gender behavior, they will move on to destroy something else, just like locusts.

RightDetour said...

It has been awhile. My recent work schedule has been restricting. Also, my wife and I, in a brief moment of insanity, purchased a fixer-upper. Most days of from work I devote to various construction (or destruction) projects. Plus, I just have not found any recent news interesting enough to deserve comment.

Homosexuality seems to be something innate in some people. No gene has been found to cause it. Scientists have turned to epigenetics in an attempt of understand homosexuality. Here is a link.