Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Flag Follies

Recently, air force veteran Michelle Manhart created headlines by interfering with a group of Valdosta State University Students from desecrating the American flag. She eventually found herself under arrest. The usual omnipresent cell phone video of the encounter below:

Manhart's own treatment of the flag in a Playboy pictorial is just a little suspect. She probably did not intend to cast disrespect for the flag or the republic it symbolizes. Is she suggesting that this (i.e., American womanhood) is what our forces overseas are defending? Who knows. She does violate flag etiquette. She apparently received a reprimand and a demotion from the air force for the stunt.

Meanwhile, the group protesting the flag refused to press charges. Neither did it even identify itself. Now we know why. The group is a black supremacist organization touting the falsehoods of African origins of civilization, black Jesus, and collective white guilt. A social media upload:

And you can find the group's leader, Eric Sheppard demonstrating how much he hasn't learned in college here.

And now, after complaints from students that someone (Sheppard?) had been threatening to shoot people, campus police found a book bag containing a firearm. They claim to have indisputable evidence that links the handgun to Sheppard. A judge issued a warrant for Sheppard's arrest.

VSU issued a campus alert, implicitly  admitting that Sheppard is the problem--not Manhart.

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CW said...

I didn't hear about the black supremacist part, which is shocking given how great our news media is. There would be violence and 24-hour news coverage if these were white supremacists.

I thought the vet lost a bit of face when it came out that she had posed nude with the flag, and I found her actions to be disrespectful. I think she's more of an opportunist than anything else.

RightDetour said...

You did not hear about the black supremacist part because the mainstream media presented the story with Michelle Manhart as the problem--trampling on student rights to free speech. And they do have free speech, but let's ask difficult questions about the content of that speech.

I am sure your assessment of Ms. Manhart is right--an opportunist. Like so many others who seek "exposure," she is probably looking for a shot at movie acting. I guess Playboy beats the old "casting couch" method of attracting a director's attention.