Friday, February 13, 2015

Discarded Tools

In other news, another useful tool has become a useless tool.

A couple of days back, the parents of Kayla Mueller confirmed her death. (How they know for sure is anyone's guess.) Readers recall that Kayla worked as a volunteer activist to help the less fortunate in Syria.

It appears that she spend a great deal of time protesting in Israel.

Israel, you might remember, is a liberal socialist democracy in the Middle East. Israel boasts of free expression, property rights, abortion on demand, and even a national healthcare system into which every Israeli must enroll.

In fact, it is the only democracy in the Middle East. Arabs living in Israel enjoy more political rights than Arabs living in most Arab states.

Like most democracies, however, they have their problems. They engage in shabby treatment of the Palestinians--both Christian and Muslims. Unlike most Arab governments, however, they are at least open to criticism ans self-examination. Hence, the presence of Kayla Mueller.

She knows better than to protest Arab mistreatment of their own citizens.

Here she is, below, with her trendy Che Guevara poster on the all.  That says all you need to know.

Apparently, ISIS thought her more valuable as a hostage than as an activist.

Funny, those contrasting cultural perceptions.

Now she is dead.

She her tribute by International Solidarity Movement.

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CW said...

>>"Here she is, below, with her trendy Che Guevara poster on the all. That says all you need to know."

Damn straight, V.L.