Thursday, January 1, 2015

A New Year . . .

A new year brings some new directions here at Right Detour.

Since the inception of this blog, most content consisted of commentary on current events--especially of a political nature-- with some reviews of conservative books.

One goal in the reading and reviewing of the books was to satisfy my own search for "the meaning of conservatism." Interestingly, this proved to be a  topic which most writers espousing a conservative viewpoint seemed to avoid. George Nash, in his now classic The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America, explicitly explained to his readers that it was NOT his purpose to define conservatism.  Nash even denied the existence of  a "single, satisfactory, all-encompassing definition of the complex phenomenon known as conservatism." Indeed, his account of the conservative movement that emerged after World War II was largely a history of the attempt of conservative intellectuals to do just that--define and explicate the idea of conservatism.

I plan to make my own "go at it" in this blog. If I accomplish nothing else, I hope to clarify my own thoughts about the meaning of conservatism, even if my efforts prove unhelpful to others.

In addition, I hope to illustrate conservatism, or conservatisms, through several posts of a historical nature about conservatives of the past. Perhaps the theme might be called "conservatives at work."

These historical posts also will serve a purely historical interest--to reflect upon how much of our world has changed.  I trust my dozen to two dozen regular readers will not experience the same glazed eyes from which they suffered in their high school history classes and decide to turn their attention elsewhere.

And as has been the case over the last couple of years, some posts will attend to contemporary controversies. Observations on "the current scene" will reflect conservative principles rather than emit more "conservative carping" . . .  except when it doesn't!

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