Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Stupid Party

One of the behind the scenes architects of the Affordable Care Act has just experienced his fifteen minutes of fame. Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Jonathan Gruber repeatedly made  cynical observations  about our political processes and condescending remarks about American citizens in the run up to the implementation of the ACA.

Gruber's  delusions as a political analyst are exceeded only his incompetence as a drafter of the ACA.

Gruber spoke with pride about the political shrewdness of the authors of the ACA and how they deceived everyone regarding the workings of the ACA.  He most controversially referred to the American voter as  stupid.

Who was really deceived and who was really stupid?

Not conservative analysts. They repeatedly warned about just the things that Gruber acknowledged---and even more.

*   the lack of transparency
*   the transfer of wealth
*   the higher costs
*   the threats to existing insurance policies
*   the removal of  crucial health care decisions from the patients

Not even the average voter appeared deceived and stupid.

Americans voted for Obama to punish Republicans for presiding over the worst economic crisis since the great depression. They did not vote for Obama to bring revolutionary changes to our health care delivery systems. And as the voters learned more about the ACA, the threw out dozens of Democratic Party office holders in the 2010 and 2014 elections.

So who were really the deceived and and stupid voters?

They were the Democratic politicians in the House of Representatives and the Senate who voted for the Affordable Care Act without any understanding of what it entailed.

And the poster child for the deceived and stupid party? This woman of course:

Meanwhile some other websites have aggregated Pelosi=Gruber connection:

From 2009:

From 2014:

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