Monday, July 28, 2014

Buyer's Remorse

CNN reports the Americans are experiencing "buyers remorse" over the decision to reelect President Barack Obama over challenger Mitt Romney.

In a CNN/ORC International poll conducted between July 18-20,2014, those surveyed favored Romney over Obama by nine percentage points--53-44. This results revealed an increase in the preference from similar polls conducted earlier.

It seems the more voters see of the Obama administration, the less they like it. And now they wish the election turned the other way.

A far more interesting case of "buyer's remorse" below. Remember this woman, a "poster child" among conservatives for "everything that is wrong in America?"


CW said...

Looks like she grew up quite a bit in 5 years. I love the clip with Obama and the 'Wizard of Oz' fire things.

RightDetour said...

The reporter in the opening segment said it best . . . "her emotions ran high." And no politician should overlook the power of emotions.

Now that "her thinking runs high" she reaches a different conclusion. I doubt she will be receptive to a Republican campaign worker canvassing her neighborhood, she she has, as you say, grown up a bit.