Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Traitor

The trade for POW er hostage er captive Bowe Bergdahl not only generated more heat for the Obama Administration about "negotiating with terrorists," but also brought back to the surface old speculation about the events surrounding his capture.

Bergdahl apparently grew up in a conservative Christian home in Idaho. His parents home schooled him and they attended the Church of the Big Wood, part of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. (And they are "orthodox"--if you go golfing on Sunday, you might get a visit from one of the church elders.)

Searching for something larger in life, Bowe eventually joined the military. Sometime after beginning a tour of duty in Afghanistan, Bergdahl  grew hostile to the mission in Afghanistan. Unfortunate for Bergdahl, as a private citizen you can oppose the political decisions about when and where to deploy troops. As a member of the armed forces, you cannot. He walked off his post and eventually found himself captured by one of the many militias. Read one of the earliest and most thorough accounts here.

Once Bergdahl is released from the hospital, we will learn more.

Bob Bergdahl, his father, has remained fairly conservative during his son's captivity. He has address local Republican Party meetings. And when in Washington DC he worships at Sterling Presbyterian Church, another Orthodox Presbyterian communion. (See its website here.) He apparently grew a beard to chronicle the time that he son spent in captivity and learned Pashto, one of the tribal languages of Afghanistan. He, too, apparently has grown disenchanted with the U.S. mission in Afghanistan. And when he praised god for his son's release in the Pashto language, he created even more controversy. Like most of us average American citizens, Bergdahl is not that "media savvy" perhaps had no clue to the visceral reactions that most American's experience if they saw his appearance.

So what happens when a traitor, or at least a deserter, come home? Usually, that would be a court martial and perhaps a new tour of duty in Leavenworth, Kansas. After President Obama invited the Bergdahl's to the White House for the announcement of their son's release, that scenario has been rewritten.


CW said...

This whole Bergdahl mess has been fascinating to me. I simply cannot understand how Obama & Company would not have anticipated the negative reaction this would incite, and that’s especially true now that I’ve perused the Rolling Stone article you linked to and saw this comment:

>>”The president's political enemies were prepared to use the release of violent prisoners to paint Obama as a Dukakis-¬like appeaser, just as Republicans did to the former Massachusetts governor during the 1988 campaign.”

(I just have to say, before I get back on point, that I love the leftwing spin here. Apparently it was republicans, and not the actions of Obama and Dukakis, that created the perception of them as appeasers. LOL. But I digress…)

That was written two years prior to Bergdahl’s release so it’s hard to understand how Obama seems to have walked right into that trap. Was he determined to empty Guantanamo and decided this was the best way and he’d take his chances with the outcome? Did he underestimate the public outrage? Or does he just not care any more since he isn’t running for re-election? I’d really love to know what’s going on in that evil brain of his.

It’s definitely going to be interesting to see what happens with Bergdahl. Obama will look like that much more of a Bozo brain if he has a rose garden press ceremony to celebrate the return of a deserter who’s going to be court martialed. Will he pardon him? Use his power to protect him? I will be anxiously watching to see.

Now back to the Rolling Stone piece for a minute. Talk about a slanted article. The writer leaves no question as to what side of the political fence he sits on, writing a very disparaging description of Bergdahl’s troop and making it seem as if Bergdahl were the only one with any conscience or ethics. He makes a big deal about their lack of discipline, as if the structure and discipline in the army has ever been something that the Left has held in high regard. The guys I’ve seen being interviewed from that unit all seem like impressive young men to me.

RightDetour said...

Hey CW!

You are not alone in wondering what goes on inside of the President's head. I do not know if he anticipated the negative reaction, but just does not care what any Americans other than his base thinks . . . or if he was surprised, living in a liberal bubble where everyone thinks alike and cannot conceive how anyone might reacted differently to the trade.

I noted the Rolling Stone piece because it was one the earliest thoroughly researched publications that documented the details surrounding the desertion. But it definitely is, as you note, written from a liberal world view.