Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Trader

The controversy over the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner exchange was exacerbated by arrogance of the Obama Administration. It seems to grow more arrogant even as it grows more incompetent.

First, it may have violated the law. While the President has traditionally enjoyed a prerogative in the matter of prisoner exchanges in times of war, in this more murky age of "the war on terror" Congress enacted some legal requirements before the President makes any release or exchanges of prisoners held at Guantanamo. Specifically, it requires a 30 day notice.

The President clearly violated the law.

The National Security Council explained its disregard for the law in the excerpt below:

"With respect to the separate 30-day notification requirement in Section 1035(d), the Administration determined that the notification requirement should be construed not to apply to this unique set of circumstances, in which the transfer would secure the release of a captive U.S. soldier and the Secretary of Defense, acting on behalf of the President, has determined that providing notice as specified in the statute could endanger the soldier’s life. In these circumstances, delaying the transfer in order to provide the 30-day notice would interfere with the Executive’s performance of two related functions that the Constitution assigns to the President: protecting the lives of Americans abroad and protecting U.S. soldiers. Because such interference would significantly alter the balance between Congress and the President, and could even raise constitutional concerns, we believe it is fair to conclude that Congress did not intend that the Administration would be barred from taking the action it did in these circumstances."

Read the entire statement here.

Meanwhile, the Obama Administration brought out National Security Adviser Susan Rice, whose "talking points"  on Benghazi generated such controversy. Either the Obama Administration learned nothing from that experience or at this point they just don't care.

The administration's arrogance is exceeded only by its incompetence.

Every "video taped" appearance by one of the administration's officials now basically constitutes a "blooper reel."

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