Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Other IRS Scandal

While the scandal regarding Lois Lerner and the IRS scrutiny of tea party groups continues to make headlines, the IRS quietly settle a lawsuit about another related scandal. It, too, involves the nexus of non-profit groups, abuse of power by the IRS, and the reelection campaign of President Barack Obama.

The controversy stems from the political battle between two organizations over same sex marriage. The Human Rights Campaign (HRC.ORG) formed in 1980 to advocate for LGBT Americans, including more recently, the right to marry. The National Organization for marriage (NATIONFORMARRIAGE.COM)
advocates for traditional, biblically based marriage. Each possesses the right to advocate on behalf of their causes. Neither has the right, however, to secure the names of donors to their adversaries.

This is exactly the infraction of the Human Rights Campaign with the complicity of someone in the IRS.

The NOM sued the IRS and was awarded a $50,000 judgment.

Read  the somewhat complete story  here

In 2012, the HRC secured from someone in the IRS copy of official filings by NOM that included their donors. The HRC published this list. The liberal media website Huffington Post also published the list. Besides violating federal law, this opens to door to ostracism and intimidation. It changes the nature of how we settle our political disagreements from consent to force.

The individual who secured the documents from the IRS pleaded the Fifth Amendment when questioned about the identity of the IRS employee who provided the documents.

The president of the HRC at the time of the publication of the donor list was Joe Solmonese. He soon resigned his position as head of HRC to serve as co-chairman of President Obama's reelection campaign.

The kind of thing that makes you say . . .  hummmmm.

                                                   The ethically challenged Joe Solmonese

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CW said...

I’m saying hmmmm a lot these days. Sure makes me mad that the taxpayers have to cough up $50,000 because of some democrat at the IRS who still has his/her job.