Saturday, June 21, 2014

Another Reason Not To Care

As the President mulls what additional actions to take in Iraq, more disconcerting news arrives.

The current regime reflects the majority Shiite Muslim population of Iraq. It faces an insurgency of minority Sunni Muslims that has taken over several large cities in Northern Iraq and has threatened to march on Baghdad.

After the announcement by the Obama Administration that the United States would sent several hundred advisers to assist the Nouri al-Maliki government, a popular Shiite cleric threatened an attack upon those advisers.

It appears that the people we intend to assist sees us in a more starkly negative light than those murderous co-religionists who threaten the regime.

The complete report here.

Political Science 101 calls it "kinship rallying." No matter how vicious the factional violence between some ethic or religious groups, they will immediately perceive outsiders as a greater threat. Sometimes this will even move such factions to unite against outsiders before resuming their blood feud.

Another reason to steer clear of the internal affairs of Muslim countries.


CW said...

What a mess.

RightDetour said...

yes, a mess we need to stay out of.