Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Of Berettas and Bracelets

During questioning and testimony on Department of Justice budget allocations, Attorney General Eric Holder revealed the his department is exploring the development of gun safety bracelets. Such bracelets would allow a firearm to be discharged only by its lawful owner.

As usual, the government seeks to reduce the unlawful actions of criminals by narrowing the exercise of lawful actions by the average citizen.

Most law-abiding gun owners--females anyway--might enjoy bracelets such as this:

For those criminals unlawfully using firearms, there is a more appropriate bracelet already widely in use:


CW said...

That's perfect, V.L.

What business does Holder have proposing gun policy anyways? He's supposed to enforce the law - not make the law.

RightDetour said...

Exactly, CW. When every branch of government now routinely acts outside the boundaries of the Constitution, what's to stop all individual bureaucrats from acting as "Czars-at-Large" and exercising their prerogatives on whatever interests them.

CW said...

Taking the logic one step further I would ask: If they aren't going to follow the law, why the hell should we?

RightDetour said...

Yes, let's all start issuing our own executive orders! I, too, have a pen and a phone.

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