Sunday, March 23, 2014

Core Value: Fiscal Responsibilty

The third and final Tea Party Movement core value is Fiscal Responsibility.

When the federal government ignores the bounds of the few enumerated powers listed in the Constitution and acts with the self appointed authority of legislate on any and all matters, it should be no surprise that it will ignore the bounds of common sense on spending.

Generated by the desire of power rather than adherence to principles, the Presidents, Congressmen, and Senators of both parties seem hell bend on legislating and spending whatever it takes to insure support in the next election. Instead of  leadership from statesmen, we seem to be serviced by political prostitutes who promiscuously offer their favors a diverse clientele of special interests.

These politicians spend and borrow with the confident hope that we will somehow find a way to pay the huge financial debts we are incurring.

Well, as someone once said, hope is not a strategy.

The inability of the the government under the original Articles of Confederation to pay the national debt, both to its domestic creditors and to foreign governments, was one reason why the movement began to create a new government.

In Federalist 7, Alexander Hamilton noted that many states "feel and indifference, if not a repugnance, to the payment of the domestic debt." In Federalist 43, James Madison called the payment to foreign creditors a "moral obligation."

Our current crop of alleged leaders have only one plan to pay off the debt--pay it forward.

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