Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tea Party Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

Today is the fifth anniversary of the Tea Party Movement.

Several founding members of the movement and some high profile supporters gathered in Washington D.C. assembled for a celebratory meeting.

Observers usually cite 18 February 2009 as the beginning of the movement. On that day hundreds of protesters gathered in 48 different cities to protest the bailouts and stimulus packages that began under the Bush administration and continued under the subsequent  Obama administration.

The grass roots movement organized these protest in the ten days following a rant by CNBC's Rick Santelli on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade.

This grass roots movement eventually coalesced into several organizations, including the  Tea Party, the Tea Party Express, and the largest with the deepest roots, the Tea Party Patriots.

The core values shared by all tea party groups are those feature by the Tea Party Patriots:

Constitutionally limited government

Free markets

Fiscal responsibility

Although the mainstream media ignored and dismissed the movement at the time, it grudgingly acknowledged the movement's influence within the Republican Party and its striking impact in the 2010 mid-term elections.

Thanks Tea Party!


CW said...

The Tea Party has been a godsend, that's for certain. I only wish it would have a new surge in membership.

RightDetour said...

Our local tea party has grown much in the last year or so. Because of the demands from work, I was kept from meetings for over a year. I finally got back and attendance has doubled. We had to find a new meeting place. I believe part of it has to do with new leadership. It is very organized now--especially regarding political action. It has always been informative. But now the chapter coordinated phone call to Georgia and us officials on pending legislation. And one of our members won election to the Georgia state house.

CW said...

That's encouraging. Since you're in Georgia maybe you know this guy:

I like him!

RightDetour said...

He has visited a couple of our Tea Party meetings and is one of several of the Senate candidates who has spoken briefly. He is a bit of a long shot. A young woman who works in the department I manage is his campaign photographer.


RightDetour said...

Moreover, one of our members serves in the Georgia state house. Here is a link to a video speaking as a co-sponsor of a the Health Care Freedom and ACA Non-Compliance Act. The bill would prohibit state agencies or any local municipality from assisting in the implementation of ACA.


CW said...

I'm glad to see states like Georgia take steps to stop the ACA but I am deeply troubled at having to protect ourselves by combating legislation with yet more legislation. We shouldn't have to do this.