Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dennis Rodman: Court Jester

For several years Dennis Rodman dominated NBA courts with his rebounding.

Now he has descended to the level of a sort of "court jester" for the Kim Jong Un.

Like the jesters of the courts of medieval Europe, Rodman and his friends are the fools that provide entertainment for Kim and the rest of the North Korean ruling class.

Kim,of course, rules as a classic tyrant along the lines provided in the regime analysis of Aristotle.

Readers will recall (if they paid attention in school) that Aristotle classified regimes into rule by one, rule by the few, and rule by the many. Each of these classes of regimes have legitimate and illegitimate examples.

The legitimate regimes are those which rule for the common good of the citizens. These include monarchy (rule by one), aristocracy (rule by the  few), and polity (rule by the many).

The illegitimate regimes rule for the benefit of the ruling class. These include tyranny (rule by one for the benefit of the tyrant and his supporters), oligarchy (rule by the rich for the benefit of the rich), and democracy (rule by the poor for the benefit of the poor).

Kim's regime operates for the benefit of himself, his family (the late uncle excepted), and the military that empowers him. They enjoy food, shelter, electrical power, indoor plumbing, and entertainment by court jesters while the subjects of his tyranny (not to be confused with citizens in a republic) starve.

Rodman opines that the Kim tyranny is not so bad.

The criticism he has received might tempt him to pull out the "race" card.

The only one he has in  his current hand, however, is this one:


CW said...

It's all good as long as the tryanny doesn't extend to Rodman. Seems there's no limit to what he'll do for a little attention.

RightDetour said...

Yes, as someone once said, for the egocentric, it is better to be talked about badly than not to be talked about at all.

CW said...

Then Rodman should be happy.