Monday, November 4, 2013

"We Told You so"

This is the message that the Republican Party should be communicating about Obamacare, but, of course, are not.

Remember the first attempt by the Social Democrats to take over the United States health insurance and health care system. It since has become known, at least among Republicans,  as Hillarycare. In 1993 President Clinton announced the creation of a Task Force on National Health Care Reform. As usual, a few hard cases of Americans experiencing difficulty securing the health care they needed served as the justification for a major overhaul of the whole health care system for everyone. It proved to be another case of a policy preference in search of a crisis to justify it.

He appointed First Lady Hillary Clinton to head this task force.

(You can find the text of the resulting Health Security Act here. Do not be alarmed--its much, much shorter than the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. )

We will never know if the roll out of Hillarycare would have been more successful than that of Obamacare. The legislation died in Congress. About the only thing remembered about the episode was a commercial sponsored by the Health Insurance Association of America:

The Republican Party should refresh the memories of voters by running these commercial again--perhaps prefaced with the opening lines, "We told you so."


CW said...

This is a great find, V.L.

The creators of these ads ought to be making the talk show circuit right now.

I don't understand the title of your post, though. Did Bush organize a campaign against Hillarycare? If the GOP put out similar ads they should be digging those up.

RightDetour said...

Sorry about the confusion regarding the title. I fixed it.

CW said...

Now I get it!

Anonymous said...

Excellent post, V.L. Too bad there weren't those who were on top of things enough to have thought of this sooner! I remember those days so well.

Anonymous said...

Oops. The "Anonymous" above is Mrs. AL

RightDetour said...

Hey Mrs. AL

I haven't checked in on you in a while, but I trust you are doing well.

The Republicans should have seen it all coming.

It looks, however, that they were completely blindsided by Obamacare.