Saturday, November 2, 2013

Tricks and Treats from the White House

Halloween "Tricks or Treats" took place at the White House this week:


 Er, I actually meant the other "Tricks or Treats"--the claims about Obamacare.

A few months back, President Obama reassured the American people that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act would permit all Americans to retain both their existing health insurance plans and their personal physicians.

Well, now that the roll out has begun, we know that is not true.

Thousands of Americans have now learned that the health insurance plans that the President promised they could keep--"period"--have been cancelled by their insurers because the plans lacked conformity with the provisions of the PPACA. These provisions could possibly affect the plans of 15 million Americans.

Moreover, we now know that the White House knew that the PPACA would require thousands of Americans to give up their existing coverage and doctors. NBC news in a report this week revealed the "trick" behind that "treat." You can read about it here.

And this is just the beginning.

The current controversy concerns the health insurance market for individuals only. Wait until next year when the requirements of the PPACA begin to impact over 90 million employers sponsors health insurance plans.


CW said...

Love the title of this post, V.L, and I agree - this is just the beginning.

You know it's bad when even NBC won't cover for Obama.

RightDetour said...

Yes . . . at least some of the folks at NBC have decided to put down their cheerleader pom poms and pick up their reporter notebooks to do some honest reporting on the Obama administration. Its a little late in the game . . .

RightDetour said...

Another note regarding tricks and treats can be found here . . .