Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Tragedy of Trayvon Martin

After the shooting death of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman, the Martin family and their supporters began to create a narrative that portrayed Martin as an innocent victim of racial profiling by a racist Martin. Their fluffers in the mainstream media facilitated this narrative by juxtaposing photographs of a twelve year old Martin against the arrest photo of Zimmerman, as if the neighborhood watchman murdered a twelve year old kid. And the Martins have projected themselves as a broken but loving family fighting for justice.

In an age when one can find out most anything from the internet, finding solid information about the Martin family proves to be quite a challenge. Only after reading multiple articles can one piece together even a superficial summary of their background. Tracy Martin married Sybrina Fulton back the 1990s. Travyvon Martin was born in 1995. They couple divorced in 1999. Trayvon has an older brother, Jahvaris, who for some reason retains his mother's maiden name. Tracy Martin later married Alicia Stanley; the relationship lasted 14 years. Trayvon lived with his father while Jahvaris lived with his mother. Alicia is really the only mother he ever knew. After 14 years, Tracy Martin divorced Stanley to take up with Brandi Green. It appears that during that divorce, Trayvon moved back to Miami Gardens to live with his mother. Tracy Martin and former wife Sybrina Fulton have excluded Alicia Stanley from the picture and have established themselves at the face of Martins' parents, even though Trayvon spent most of his life with Stanley. This complicates, too, legal status of claims to the million dollar plus settlement by the insurer of the homeowners association where Martin was killed. None is this is directly relevant to the murder or the trial, but it is interesting that this information seems so difficult to come by; most of this may not even be accurate.Why? Perhaps the accessibility of this information might make for a less sympathetic family in the public propaganda phase of the pre-trial hearings.

While apparently obscuring their own backgrounds, the Martin family complains about the character assassination of their son. They rightly note that Trayvon Martin's history may be irrelevant to the confrontation with Zimmerman that took place in that courtyard. The information that has emerged about Martin, however, does cast doubt on the narrative that he lived as a typical teen and died as a child only trying to make his way home. In stark contrast to the photos of the twelve year old child that the Martin's provided and that the mainstream media ran with, these less flattering photos of Trayon Martin the young adult:

In addition,  Martin had been visiting his father and girlfriend because of a suspension from school--the third one that year. Martin's book bag has traces of marijuana and female jewelry that he never satisfactorily explained. If Martin has not been suspended, he never would have encountered Zimmerman.

Finally, the emotionally powerful symbols of Martin's childhood innocence--skittles-- may not be that at all. Martin's social media interests include "lean" or "purple drank," a mixture of any sweet drink, codeine (or DXM), and jolly ranchers or skittles.

An autopsy of Martin after his death revealed the presence of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. It is only speculation, but one wonders  if  Martin had smoked a blunt that evening and went to the convenience store to purchase ingredients to mix up some lean. Again, this may be irrelevant to the events leading up to Martin's death. It does empty the skittles bags of their symbolic content that will be on exhibition by this weekend's marchers.


CW said...

Hey there, V.L.

Good post. This case really underscores the power that the media has in this country (and others, no doubt). It doesn’t take much twisting or half-truths to completely change the story or people’s perceptions of it. And all for what? What exactly is the noble goal of the altruistic Left in the case of Trayvon Martin? Certainly it’s not a quest for the truth, which means it’s not a quest for justice.

RightDetour said...

Hey CW!

It has been a surreal experience watching the reaction of Martin supporters. I've seen it on cable and challenged it several times commenting on articles at Huffington Post. It's like the trial has not even happened yet and no evidence has been presented. They keep on repeating the same pre-trial propaganda.


CW said...

There's not much you can do when people are determined to create their own truth.

Anonymous said...

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