Saturday, June 8, 2013

Obama Record Spinning Out of Control

Each day some new scandal becomes "breaking news," even on the mainstream cable networks. Breaking news is now a broken record, with Obama at the mercy of the turntable.

Although none of these issues will threaten the survival of the administration, they will certainly keep the administration occupied with other things than their efforts at fundamentally transforming America:

Unanswered questions about Benghazi.

IRS targeting of tea party movement.

IRS squandering of millions of dollars of taxpayer revenue on conferences and travel accommodations.

The Justice Department threatening to prosecute reporters in order to secure search warrants for phone calls of reporters.

NSA  gathering data on phone calls and internet use by Americans (a distraction more than a scandal.)

Some of the stories  have been broken by a British paper the Guardian. I  wish we had a press  in this country who would serve as a more vigilant guardian of our freedom from government abuse of power.

The Obama administration is certainly the most transparently corrupt administration since that of Richard Nixon.


CW said...

I like the visual, V.L.

One of these days I will make it my mission to learn the true history of Nixon. Just as some presidents were not the saints they are now purported to have been, I suspect Nixon was not exactly the villain he's been protrayed to be. I think Obama lies, manipulates and cheats in everything he does. It's hard to imagine that even Nixon was worse than that.

RightDetour said...

Nixon is difficult to grasp. I read two very good books about him several decades ago.

Nixon Agonistes :The Crisis of the Self Made Man by Garry Wills looks at Nixon in the context of his times. He correctly identifies him as a liberal.

Breach of Faith by Theodore White was the best of the watergate books.

CW said...

Thanks for the recommendations, V.L. One of the reasons that I tend to put off reading about politics (aside from the fact that I am the slowest reader EVER) is that so much depends on the ideological perspective of the writer, and that’s not always easy to judge in advance. I try to look for writers who simply want to tell the true story.

My dad, who has always had a very strong interest in politics (he was a fan of Barry Goldwater), also said Nixon was a liberal. I don’t know if he thought so when he voted for him (although there’s no way my father would have voted for the alternatives any way), but that’s surely how he felt by the end of the Nixon presidency. Still, I can remember my dad being very angry about the way Watergate played out, and I grew up with the sense that the history people understood about Nixon was written entirely by his critics and enemies.