Thursday, June 6, 2013

Another Thing Obama Did Right

Occasionally when President Obama does something right, it is noted here at Right Detour, like herehere, and here.

Well, it happened again. But this time by Michelle Obama.

At a recent fundraiser, Michelle Obama gave a speech about the importance of children. Strangely, the topic of her speech was children, but was delivered at the private homo of a lesbian couple. During the speech, a heckler interrupted her. Obama walked over near the heckler and basically threatened to leave unless she shut up.

Later the media learned the identity of the heckler--a gay rights activist named Ellen Sturtz.  Sturtz apparently had no interest in speeches about children. Instead, she wanted to press the First Lady about her husband's lack of action on discrimination and LGBT people.

Sturtz said she was "taken aback" by Michelle Obama's reaction.

That means, Sturtz's inflated sense of self-importance was deflated.

1 comment:

CW said...

"...was delivered at the private homo of a lesbian couple."

Was that a Freudian slip, V.L.?

Remembering how Michelle Obama ignored the rules and rudely clapped during one of the debates I can't drum up much sympathy when others treat her with the same disrespect, although I abhor hecklers.