Friday, May 17, 2013

Obama's Media Mojo

From the beginning of his Presidential candidacy, Barack Obama and his political team has exhibited an extraordinarily strong "Media Mojo." Partly owing to an accommodating mainstream media, the Obama campaigns and the administration has been largely successful in shaping the narrative surrounding our most pressing issues and public controversies.

After Benghazi, the IRS admission of applying extra scrutiny to conservative applications for non-profit status, and the Justice Department seizure of phone records of Associated Press reporters in its attempts to identify the sources of new leaks, even the mainstream media begins to take note.

Has the President and his team finally lost its "Media Mojo?"

Are the rest of Americans finally understanding what the Tea Party has been saying since 2008?


CW said...

The “ObamaLimits!” How true is that???

This barely perceptible rebellion by the Obama media will gone the minute there is any REAL threat to his presidency (and therefore the media’s share of the power). Also, the old forget-hormone will kick in as Obama nears the end of his presidency and the Left begins setting up the narrative of his “legacy” and prepping democrats for the next messiah. Enjoy it while you can.

RightDetour said...

I do not expect that these scandals will threaten his presidency. It appears that after the Obama DOJ tampered with the press, the media will actually treat him as they have every other president.

As long as the Republicans control the House and, more importantly, remain faithful to the views of the voters who elected them, Obama will have little opportunity to develop a legacy. He does not have much of one now.

Life magazine, of course, helped establish the mediocre Kennedy years as "Camelot;" I do not know if there exists any similar media outlet (outside of Chris Matthews) to do the same for Obama. And what would they call the mediocre Obama years? The "Caliphate?" :>

CW said...

>>"..what would they call the mediocre Obama years? The "Caliphate?""

Good question! I'm going to have to think about that one!

RightDetour said...

That is a lame joke--I'm not a birther or a believer that Obama is a secret Muslim.

As I typed that last comment, I was thinking of the fun someone could have writing a parody of the Broadway musical Camelot and substitute the words "Caliphate."