Monday, April 22, 2013

Populist Paranoia

In addition to the paranoia exhibited by the supposedly sophisticated and cosmopolitan mainstream media elites, the Boston Marathon bombings brought out the populist paranoia of the "average citizen." Terrorist bombings are almost ALWAYS terrorist bombings, but some citizens see sinister government agencies behind the terror. Although such paranoia about the F.B.I. used to be practically  monopolized by the radical left of the 1960s, it has infected recently many conservatives.

First up is the suggestion that the whole thing was staged:

Then there's the mother of the bombers: Mom always knows.

Then there's this guy::

Is this really the most dangerous time in American history since the Kennedy Administration? Is this history or histrionics?

Then there's the man on the grassy knoll rooftop overlooking the marathon finish line:

Finally, the Prince of Paranoia--radio talk show host Alex Jones. His website has suggested alternatively that the persons responsible for the bombing included all of the following:

Navy seals

A private security firm

A Saudi national since deported



U.S. powers

He must believe that if he multiplies his conspiracy theories, he increases his chances of getting one right.

But what if they ALL are crazy?


CW said...

Sadly, V.L., I’m seeing a touch of this type of thinking making its way through my email. It pains me because I’ve written a few pieces on the subject of conspiracy theorists over the years, and I take a harsh view of people who twist themselves into pretzels trying to make the tiniest bits of questionable “evidence” support theories of vast conspiracies. If I am to be true to myself I have to I have to respond in kind to my friends on the right, and this is not an easy thing. I always find it amazing when people are so fixated on solving certain mysteries related to an event like the bombing, but they are oblivious to the hundreds of unanswered questions their theories inevitably lead to.

RightDetour said...

I, too, try to find common ground with fellow conservatives, but its difficult when their imaginations venture too far away from common sense.

Conspiracies--real and imagined--always have been around. These days, however, the internet and Facebook enable these things to spread faster and more rapidly than ever before.

BrianR said...

Yep, gotta agree, guys. Folks I generally consider to be pretty level-headed are popping out with these crazy "theories", sounding like Rosie O'Donut on the 9/11 Twin Towers "Bush did it!" nuttiness.

RightDetour said...

I have the "prog" covered in the previous post.