Monday, March 18, 2013

So What Else is Broken?

The two previous posts noted that the "narrative" describing our immigration system as broken is misleading. Our immigration system is not broken. It was never designed to accommodate the millions of people trying to enter our country. THE COUNTRIES OF THE IMMIGRANTS ARRIVING HERE ARE BROKEN. That is why immigrants seek opportunity in the United States.

There is one thing, however, that is broken in this country: border control.

 Every few years we have this "national conversation" about immigration reform. Usually a consensus emerges around the ideas of amnesty for illegal immigrants already in this country accompanied by improved  border control to prevent the entrance of additional illegal immigrants.

The government never seems to get around to effective border control. So we end up engaging in yet another "national conversation" about immigration reform. And each time the problem seems to grow more insurmountable.

(Below, a funny take on an increasingly not so funny problem.)


CW said...


Yes but whereas it used to be that immigrants came here to embrace America and be part of the great “melting pot,” the liberalized immigrants of today (mostly from Mexico) thumb their nose at American traditions and values and they bring their broken countries with them. I know I’m preaching to the choir but I had to say it anyways.

Agree 100% on the border control, V.L. If we forced people who want to immigrate here to do it the right way, 90% of our problems would be solved.

RightDetour said...

You had to say it and I'm glad you said it!

I will be saying it in my next post.

CW said...

Looking forward to that next post, V.L.!