Wednesday, March 6, 2013

President Obama's Leadership

During President Obama's first term, political opponents and conservative minded pundits often accused him of “lack of leadership.”

They allege lack of leadership regarding Afghanistan.

They allege lack of leadership regarding Iran.

They allege lack of leadership regarding Syria.

They allege lack of leadership on unemployment.

They allege lack of leadership on the entitlement reform.

They allege lack of leadership on the federal budget.

They are wrong.

Obama is exercising leadership. He just is not leading in the direction his critics want him to go.

He entertains a vision of America more in line with Western Europe. He relentlessly works to achieve that vision in the long run.

To achieve that vision, he must secure victory over the Republican opposition in the short run.

President Obama is involved in a high stakes gamble in which he refuses to compromise with the Republican controlled House and attempts to rally public opinion to his side in campaign style events in anticipation of the next election. With a victory by the Social Democrats in the 2014 midterms, the President will enjoy the freedom to reduce the freedom of others.

Meanwhile, the fluffers in the mainstream media and the President's supporters follow along with no questions asked and a childlike faith in their leader . . .


CW said...

I LOVE the video clip, V.L.!

Yes I wish "republicans" would stop whining about the lack of leadership from Obama. No republican should want the kind of leadership Obama has in mind.

RightDetour said...

Hey CW!--

As I wrote this, I even wondered if Republican are even sincere in their accusation that Obama has shown a "lack of leadership." It may be more of an indication that the Republicans have shown a "lack of ideas." Now all they do is carp.

CW said...

I don't think they sincerely want his leadership but they don't know how to make the public understand that Obama is playing a political game, so they must play a game of their own to try and put him on defense.

This is the legacy of liberalism. No matter how bad things get they will force the bar lower. Republicans have little choice but to stoop to their level or be beaten.

BrianR said...

Yep, RD. Well said.

But he's not "leading" down the road toward Western Europe. I'm thinking more along the lines of the USSR.

RightDetour said...

Hey CW!

The Social Democrats keep lowering the bar and the Republicans still dance along.

RightDetour said...

Hi Brian:

The USSR went bankrupt AFTER communism. It looks like we might get there BEFORE communism!

BrianR said...

Always the trailblazers....