Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Is Our Immigration System Really Broken?

Politicians and pundits repeatedly posit that our "immigration system is broken."

We hear it so often that it brings to mind something else--a broken record.

Several Congresses and Presidential administrations have claimed to address it, but none can boast of any success.

Politico reports that the so-called  Gang of Eight  group of Senators denied any progress as yet on their bipartisan plan for immigration reform. And a few weeks back when the Obama administration leaked part of its own plan as a trial balloon, one of these senators, Marco Rubio, declared it dead in the water.

The number of people trying to get into the United States is staggering. According to the State Department, most of these--over 3,000,000-- seek family-sponsored visas.

Add to these those seeking regular visas and the numbers bulge to over 4,000,000.

Where do these applicants originate?

Mexico         1,311,960
Philippines       423,449
India                306,789
Vietnam           267,067
China               226,921
Dom. Rep.       169,359
Bangladesh       161,731
Others           1,432,359

This means a long wait.

Our immigration system is not broken. Our immigration system is not designed to absorb that many people.

Conversely, a glance at the above list of countries tells us what is really broken.

Of course, we must end this post with a song.

David Crosby and Graham Nash sing Nash's song about his experience entering the United States. Not only did he suffer the "injustice" of producing paperwork, but also during the delay other immigrants actually hounded him for his autograph.

The injustice of it all!

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BrianR said...

If our immigration system is "broken" because there are so many illegal aliens here living "in the shadows", then all of our criminal justice system is "broken" because there are so many criminals ALSO "living in the shadows" until they're caught and prosecuted.

How come we're not giving THEM amnesty? How unfair!