Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hillary! Arrives Late to the Wedding Party

In other news . . .

Last week, and a little late,  Hillary! Clinton finally arrived at the same sex wedding party.

This follows her husband Bill's apology for signing the Defense of Marriage Act and, more famously, President Obama's coming out the closet on same sex marriage.

From a religious point of view, the Clintons emit more than just a hint of hypocrisy.   Neither  the Southern Baptist Church nor the United Methodist Church to which they belong recognize same sex marriage. Now some denominations allow for limited autonomy in certain areas. So maybe the particular churches they attend provide vocal support to same sex marriage, even if the denomination restricts them from performing ceremonies. The fact that they remain in religious denominations that officially oppose same sex marriage does not seem to evince  the passion for "human rights" that they claim they have.

From a political point of view, these conversions exemplify the duplicity for the which Democrats have become famous. For decades, the Democratic Party ignored the issue of black civil rights in order to maintain its domination of national politics. As long as Southern Democrats supported the liberal agenda of the Northern wing of the party, it remained silent on the issue of race. Only after the civil rights movement that began in the mid-1950s demonstrated that it was not going away did the party begin to change. And only after the Democrats began losing their traditional stranglehold on the Southern electorate to the Republicans did they begin to support the franchise for black citizens and solicit their support: all in the interest of political power.

Now the Democrats are repeating their opportunist behavior in the case of homosexual "civil rights." Most Democrats in the 1990s seemed to support the traditionalist "push back" against the demand for recognition of same sex marriage. Like Republicans, they supported DOMA. It appeared to be at least partly on "principle." Now that polls indicate a shift in public opinion and a wide margin of support for same sex marriage among voters under thirty, Social Democrats are scrabbling to crash the wedding party.

Now there is no question that it is about power rather than principle.

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