Sunday, December 2, 2012

Like White on Rice

The anticipated nomination of Susan Rice seems to be on hold as Republican senators remarked that they grew even more disturbed about the government's reaction to the terrorist attack in Benghazi AFTER began her own apology tour.

In another example of the ever diminishing quality of our political discourse, the Washington Post published an editorial speculating that racism and sexism motivates Republican opposition. They note that white males from the old Confederacy constitute the heart of the opposition.

The Post's sensitivity was not so evident back in 2005, when another black female, Condoleezza Rice received the nomination for Secretary of State from President George Bush. Similarly, she came under criticism for misleading the public about the circumstances leading up to the invasion of Iraq. She,too, claimed that she depended upon information provided from the intelligence community.

Spearheading the opposition to Condoleezza Rice were ex-Klansman Senator Robert Byrd and ex-passenger of Mary Jo Kopechne Senator Edward Kennedy. If there were any two that might emit the stench of racism and sexism, it was these two. She won the nomination 85-13, but twelve of the negative votes came from MEN.  The Post's olfactory senses failed them back then, however, as they assumed the best of motives from Senate Democrats.

But at least in their recent editorial they conceded that they, unlike the  fluffers at MSNBC, cannot read minds.


CW said...

Good post, V. L.

There’s nothing like a little hypocrisy to expose people for who they really are.

RightDetour said...

Not much of surprise any longer to see a major newspaper publish a liberal meme as "analysis."