Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pandemic of Paranoia in the Middle East

The on-going insanity in the Middle East allegedly inspired by a yet unreleased movie bings back memories of similar mad behavior over the Geert Wilders film, FITNA.  Wilders, you may remember, did not produce a "dramatic presentation" of the life and times of the prophet Mohammed. He merely quoted passages from the Quran accompanied by the chief contemporary contributions of Islam's true believers  to modern civilization.

Below is British observer Pat Condell's assessment the threats of violence in response to FITNA and the weakness shown by the governments of Eurabia.


CW said...

That was a powerful film. Probably the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen. Even so I think it should be shown to every senior class in the U.S., to help prevent that next generation of liberals who mindlessly engage in this false argument that all religions are morally equivalent and deserving of equal respect.

There will always be evil and craziness in the world. The people who appease them and who stand in the way of a rational response to them are just as dangerous, if not more so, than the evils and the crazies.

RightDetour said...

I found it disturbing as well. I have been able to watch it only once.

The appeasers never learn. On a quick read of commentary this morning I came across a piece comparing texts of Jimmy Carter's speech after the seizure of our embassy in Tehran with that of Obama's Cairo speech in 2009. It sounds like it could have been composed by the same speech writer.

In another video, Pat Condell calls these appeasers the Dhimmi.

CW said...

Dhimmi is a good name for them.