Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hooray for Hollywood

As the fervor spreads in the Middle East outside several American embassies, the Obama Administration continues to insist that both the demonstrations in Cairo and the attack in Benghazi were spontaneous reactions to a trailer on You Tube for an anti-Islamic movie that has yet to be released.

The characterization might be somehwat accurate for Cairo, although it does not take much to assemble a crowd to torch some American flags,  shake impotent fists at the sky, and shout out well-wishes in the name of Allah. It appears pretty clear to common sense, however, that "spontaneous" does not accurately describe an attack with assault rifles and grenade launchers.

(Meanwhile, Egypt exercising its Islamic sovereignty over the United States, has charged eight Americans associated with the video with religious crimes.)

Interestingly, while our Secretary of State and the embassies in Cairo and Pakistan have condemned the video,  Hollywood continues production of a movie entitled Zero Dark Thirty. The movie dramatizes Operation Neptune Spear, the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. The movie received some unexpected publicity a few month back when Judicial Watch learned that the Obama Administration leaked classified information to the movie director and gave privileged access to the the CIA installation where some of the planning for the raid took place.

The producers plan to release the movie--no surprise here--a few weeks before the November election.

The movie could provoke a whole new series of demonstrations.

Will the Obama Administration will condemn THAT movie as well?


BrianR said...

Well, it'll all depend on whether or not any riots take place in the same time frame. If some do, there's no doubt that Obozo & Company will blame the movie.

That clown will throw ANYONE under the bus in order to stay in power. Though I'm hard-pressed to see why he wants to. Is is THAT hard for non-Presidents to get a tee time?

RightDetour said...

He seems to be better at community organizing around the golf clubhouse than in the international community.