Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Romney and Ryan Express

After a week of a history of a conservatism,  let's return to the campaign trail.

Last week, Mitt Romney named Congressman Paul Ryan as his vice-presidential candidate.

Now we have two "big government" conservatives on the ticket. In the Reagan tradition, Romney and Ryan embody the view that conservative handle the large, modern, and unwieldy capitalist welfare state more effectively than the Social Democrats.

Now chairman of the House Budget Committee, Ryan has a history of supporting the big government agenda.

He voted for big government abroad in Iraq.

He voted for big government at home with his support of Bush's Medicare Plan D prescription program, Bush's Trouble Asset Relief Program (TARP), and the current administration's bailout of the automobile companies unions.

Ryan's selection been described as "bold" choice by the Republicans and as "extreme" by Social Democrats.

 Ryan is a bold choice in the eyes of Republicans because he a big government conservative that has experienced an epiphany of sorts. He recognizes that fiscal responsibility must be brought back into the picture and he has expressed regrets about the votes that helped bring on the current mess. If elected, only time will tell if those convictions last.

Ryan is an extreme choice in the eyes of Social Democrats because their candidates, Barack Obama and Joe Biden, have not experience the same insight into reality. In the face of the worst debt and economic crisis since the Great Depression, Team Obama pushed forward with its political agenda as if the financial crisis of 2008 had never occurred.

Only an extremist  could be living in an alternative mental universe than theirs.

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CW said...

>>”Now we have two "big government" conservatives on the ticket.”

I’m afraid you’re right about that. What’s “extreme” is being redefined everyday.

Good post!