Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ladies Night

Although Chris Christie's keynote speech was the most anticipated event of last night's Republican National Convention,  it proved to be ladies night.

Ann Romney, of course, was the most high profile woman on stage. She gave a good speech that did a much better job at introducing viewers to her  than to her husband. But even liberal analysts Brokaw and Mitchell gave her a "9."

Preceding Ann Romey on stage were Utah congressional candidate Mia Love, Governors Nikki Haley, Mary Fallin, Puerto Rican First Lady Luce Fortuna, and New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayote. These professional women represent a new broadbased conservative feminism for whom fiscal responsiblity, taxes, and budgets appear more important than who pays for their contraception.

Meanwhile, traditional liberal feminists grow bitter, clinging to their contraception, their curettes, and their worn out copies of The Feminine Mystique.

Party here, party there, Republican Party everywhere!


CW said...

I thought Ann Romney's speech was great. I didn't see all of the others but hers was a homerun in my book.

RightDetour said...

I enjoyed it,too. I have seen clips from several interviews. She seems to be a down to earth person, for being one of those dreaded one percenters!

I enjoyed Nikki Halley as well. Although I have heard of her, that is the first time I heard her speak.