Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Most Forceful Opponent of Mandates?

President Barack Obama.

The recent Supreme Court decision upholding the PPACA sparked debate about whether the federal mandate to purchase insurance was a penalty or a tax. Most of the confusion rests upon the duplicity of the Obama administration and the Social Democrats in Congress. While the politicians adopted the political expediency of calling the mandate a penalty, the lawyers crafted the legal strategy of calling the mandate a tax.

Interestingly, candidate Obama opposed mandates of ANY sort. During the Democratic primaries, he took Hillary! Clinton to task for making making mandates part of her health reform program.

But, that was then . . .


CW said...

Great clip!

It captures the essence of Obama on so many fronts. First there is the blatant hypocrisy. Next is the typical leftist crusade to transfer wealth by socializing cost but not responsibility. Then there’s the absence of common sense/honesty: “it’s not a mandate on government, it’s a mandate on people.” (Um, excuse me – what exactly IS the government, Mr. Obama, if it’s not “the people?”).

RightDetour said...

Happy Independence Day, CW.The dishonesty and duplicity is amazint, especially when Obama knows that his every word is recorded for "recall" later on network televsion and on You Tube. I guess that is a measure of the cynicism, that he knows all that but does not even care.