Monday, July 9, 2012

It's Burning Up! Where Are You Mr President?

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has released a report indicating that the first half of this year was the hottest on record for the contiguous United States. Every state except Washington experienced hotter than average temperatures. Reports about it, including photos of sweaty people, appear herehere, and here.

And no mainstream media weather bias on this one. I live in Atlanta, sometimes called "Hotlanta" (or "The place  a quarter of a million confederate soldiers died to prevent".) I've also  lived in Miami, Houston, and Austin, among other places in the South. I love the hot sunny, Southern weather. But this is too much. Last week here in the ATL we crossed the 100 degree mark. This week we've been in the low 90s but the humidity swirling in off the Gulf makes the atmosphere feel much hotter.

And I want to know what our President is doing about it? Shouldn't he be rolling out phase I of Obama-air? He could force people without air conditioning to purchased it. If they refused, he could impose a penalty tax. For those who cannot afford it, he could force the states to expand Medic-air coverage.

And for inadequate automobile units, he can impose a Medic-air supplement program.

Maybe something like this:

A potential new government program?

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CW said...

Please - don't give him any ideas!

BTW, I live in Texas. It's pretty darn hot here!