Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tail Gunner Joe Biden Strafes Flight 2012

A tail gunner's role on the old B-24 bomber was to defend the plane from enemy fighters while on en route to the bombing mission.

His job, if you will, is to "watch the back" of the rest of the fight crew.

The Vice-President has a similar job--to "watch the back" of the President.

Yet again, however, "Tail Gunner Joe" Biden  has strafed his own plane,  Democrat Fight 2012.

While the Obama reelection campaign  has been carefully managing the President's flip-flopping evolving position on same-sex marriage, Vice-President Biden forced the administration to "clarify" the President's position on the controversial question. Biden remarked that same-sex marriage is about the simple question of who do you love. He confessed that he is "perfectly comfortable with same-sex marriage:

Now the President has one more contentious issue that will no doubt turn off many independent voters who went with him in 2008. Early polls suggest that while the announcement will garner some support among advocates of same-sex marriage, it will result in a net loss in support of voters generally. Time will tell if it will jeopardize a safe landing for Democrat Flight 2012.

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