Monday, March 26, 2012

Trayvon Martin's Media Facilitators

The media blitz continues in the sad and tragic case of Trayvon Martin.

Although the legal issue at hand is whether the facts in the case regarding Zimmerman's actions fall within the parameters allowed by Florida's so-called "stand your ground" self defense statute, the "national conversation" seems to be all about race. Martin's parents played the race card in claiming that Trayvon was murdered because of the color of his skin. In response to such accusations, the Zimmerman family cannot simply point to the legal issues. (The facts, once they are uncovered, may not even justify Zimmerman). In order to wage war in the media, they, too, have to play the race card. (see my previous post).

The media, of course, have served as sympathetic facilitators to the Martin family's public relations offensive. Mainstream media sources feature repeated coverage of every protest march.  Most media outlets display the  juxtaposition of  these two photos of Martin and Zimmerman: a police photo of a scowling Zimmerman and that of a fresh faced teen provided to the media by the Martin family.

The danger of the Martin family strategy is that alternative media may uncover information and images that paint a different picture of Trayvon.

For example, let's juxtapose a couple of different photos. The Orlando Sentinel posted a more recent photo of Zimmerman provided by his family. Courtesy of the Wagist, we now have this photo of the 17 year old Trayvon Martin sporting a gold grill:

A new photo of George Zimmerman obtained by the Sentinel.

Martin's photo comes from his now deleted Twitter account, where he went by the name No Limit Nigga. Recent activity from friends on Twitter features assorted RIP messages, including those congratulating him for whipping Zimmerman before taking the shot and alluding to Martin taking a swing at a school bus driver.  (Was this why he was suspended from school and sent to Sanford?) Martin's Twitter followers seem more informed than the mainstream media.

See more at Wagist.

Martin's handle No Limit Nigga refers to a song rap by Kane and Abel featuring friend C Murder--lyrics and video below.

Say twins you know how we go do a fucking show
Get that bitch rowdy how crazy they be acting out there
Niggas can't control theirself be like uh

They call me C-Murder and I got TRU tagged on my motherfucking back
Ever since I started rapping all my real ass niggas come and follow my lead
Got my balls and my word nigga ask Young Bleed
We come do a show in your motherfucking city
They call me the baddest cause No Limit act shitty
Beats By The Pound make them ignant ass beats
When a nigga like me bring the shit to the streets
Because the ghetto is my home nigga I'm ghetto raised
I'm unpredictable ask the nigga with the braids
My motherfucking music be jumping out of record stores
Nigga where's your proof motherfucker check billboards
To all my tank dogs that's bout it
Then throw off your set and get this motherfucker rowdy


We be No Limit niggas and we bout it
We come to a club and get the motherfucker rowdy

6 shots of hennesey I'm feeling right in this bitch
Hit the dash flow off Mike start a fight in this bitch
I got the crowd jumping gangstafied shit pumping
Tell that bitch and that hoe I'm trying to do something
I cracked the optimal open in the middle of the club
Don't give a fuck about the popos niggas smoke some bud
Let's go half on a 40 sack show me some love
I stucked a pistol in the club for them wannabe thugs
TRU niggas smoke dank all the way to the bank
All the hustlers picks the baddest so love to bank
Kane & Abel kick butt knuckle up don't give a fuck
We bout it and I'm gon' get this motherfucker rowdy


I was dropped from the clouds above given a gat and some slugs
Killing whatever bugs that ain't a soldier does
For the love of drugs half of my paper go to bud
Ebonic you speaking in the club uh nigga what
Everytime I buzz the tank does when I it
With the type of skills to knock a baller off his pivot
I admit it I'm one of the baddest that ever lived
You ain't seen nothing wait till I'm full of that shit
Take a pull of that shit
And you can meet the pieces

My ironic thesis first heard on a player's leases
Lyrical adhesives making these niggas meet Jesus
I guess we just got them to pieces like greases
To my tweakers it's a piece of dope you was needing
My vocals got wannabe slugs bleeding
It's believing get you tore up by my shotty
Fiendzotie forever bout it staying rowdy


Yeah another example of that gangsta shit
C-Murder in this bitch Kane & Abel the F. I. Fiend
Shit just another motherfucking day another dollar
Get it right cause we bout it peace


Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for these lyrics. Pretty shocking. I have been totally disgusted by the angelic portrait of Trayvon Martin by the media.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that family always tries to clean up a teenager they know is not the image that they are portraying in the media? Why don't they circulate the way he truly was and not how he use to be? What are they trying to hide? Well, now we know! He's not the most innocent teenager. Why isn't the media stating his drug use and why he was really suspended. And as far as the "childlike cry", when grown men are truly fearful and fearing for their life, they do cry like a child. Just because Trayvon was younger does not mean it was him crying. Zimmerman was the one who was beaten, with his nose broken and head smashed. How do people think he wasn't scared for his life??? Just because the sounds for help stopped immediately after the shot, doesn't mean it was Treyvon shouting for help. After Zimmerman shot, he stopped yelling because Treyvon was no longer a threat to his life. I'm so sick and tired of racism always being the reason for why black people get shot when it's a fact that black people shoot each other most of the time.

RightDetour said...

I understand in a way the anguish and anger that the Martin family must feel. But their passions have led them down the wrong path in this publicity campaign and the accusations of racism. They don't know George Zimmerman any better than Zimmerman knew Trayvon Martin. The demonstrations resemble a lynch mob without the ropes.

Law is supposed to be about reason and rationality, not passions. The bottom line problem is to assemble the facts in the case and assess whether or not Zimmerman's actions violated Florida law.

We have to get beyond the passions that tell us that because something horrible happened, somebody must pay.

Anonymous said...

You're incredibly stupid. The song you posted the lyrics to is actually called "No Limit Niggaz" and it came out in 1998, it's 14 years old! No Limit is a record label and their name actually has a positive message. No Limit records chose that name to mean that there are no ceilings to the success that they envisioned. That's undoubtedly what Trayvon was referring to when he chose the name. You don't realize this because you simply don't understand Black American culture.

RightDetour said...

Yes. Yes. Yes. I gathered most of the information in your comment from the video. (Although the video seems to be more about no limits to how rowdy the club will get during their show . . . hardly a menacing message, in spite of the crude language.)And I am aware also that Master P found that there actual limits to success (the company's 2003 bankruptcy) and that Corey Miller and the Garcia brothers found that there were actual limits to what behaviour society would allow before throwing them in jail. As to why Martin chose this handle,your guess is as good as mine.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you know how to use Google and Wikipedia. Next work on spelling and grammar.

Master P and No Limit Records label made millions of dollars for P himself and other minorities who otherwise would not have had a chance. You can down Master P all you want but his success was more than you'll ever experience.

How can you call yourself a blogger when you can't spell and don't know the difference between "there" and "their"? Obviously your opinion doesn't matter because your IQ is so low. People like you should not venture outside of the trailer park. Stay of the Internet, Hillbilly!

RightDetour said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RightDetour said...

Actually, I had reservations about my comments on the financial failure of Master P and No Limit Records. As a conservative, I should show more respect for the entrepreneurial spirit behind it.

As for your other comments: Like most bloggers, I write as a hobby not as a profession. Now that you have become a regular reader, however, I guess I'll devote more attention to proof reading just for you. But if you are going to become a regular commenter, you must make the same promise. Your own last sentence illustrates the risk all bloggers face by writing and posting on the fly. Maybe if I hit the bigtime, I'll hire you as my proof reader.

You disappointed me, though, by "downing me" about my mental capacity, my social class, and my ethnicity. It's really not my fault. I just can't overcome the impact of all those endogamous marriages in my hillbilly family's past. You need to be more tolerant and compassionate to others who haven't had the same advantages as you.

Even with my limited mental capacities, I still can't help wondering why YOU keep coming back to the trailer park.

RightDetour said...

And after an additional day of reflection, I think you are right. Maybe blogging isn't for me and I really do harbor envious feelings for the success of Master P. So if I can count on your expertise in the music industry, I'd like to start my own recording label called No Limit Crackaz. I invited some od my fellow trailer park trogolodites over to make our first video:

It's a little different kind of cultural barbarism to that promoted by Master P, C-Murder, and K and A. Since it provides opportunities to hillbillies, peckerwoods, ridgerunners, and dirt eaters that would otherwise not have a chance, I know I can count on your support. And you can affectionately call me Master V. so are you in, Anonymous?

K T Cat said...


Anonymous said...

Traybone learned his lesson. From this day forth, he shall be addressed as Know_Limit_Nigga.

Anonymous said...

Trayvon Martin. Blacker than midnight on a moonless night. You are legend. Zimmerman you are a giant piece of whit SHlT

RightDetour said...

Martin a legend? Zimmerman a POS? I dunno. Maybe they are just yesterday's headlines.