Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's Halftime in America

Leaving aside my much-longer-than-intended-exploration-of-the-changing-meaning-of-republicanism, let's take a Right Detour into recent, and not so recent news and events . . .

The Superbowl has passed, but the most talked about topics were Gisele Bundchen's dropping of the "F" bomb on her husbands teammates and Clint Eastwood's headscratching Chrysler commercial.

Eastwood, a right-leaning libertarian type in real life, narrated the commercial about Americans "coming together." Did that mean American workers coming together in Chrysler plants to increase production quantity and quality? Or did it mean American politicians and Chrysler executives coming together for a bailout.

Reason TV provided its own version that filled in some of the details:

Note for younger viewers:

If the name Fiat sounds unfamiliar, it is an Italian Company that made a short lived attempt to break into the American car market in the 1970s. They enjoyed some success with the Fiat X 1/9:

But soon Americans learned from experience what FIAT stands for:

Fix It Again, Tony!

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