Saturday, November 5, 2011

Why the Tea Party Will Outlast the Occupation

Despite superficial similarities cited in my previous post, the Tea Party Movement and the Occupy Wall Street possess some fundamental differences. It is these differences that will enable the Tea Party Movement endure while Occupy Wall Street will be swept into the dustbin of history, hopefully with all the garbage they have accumulated at the various Occupy sites.

Despite some diversity within the Tea Party Movement, most members and supporters focus on one core message. As the largest and most grassroots based of the Tea Party organization, the Tea Party Patriots, succinctly identifies it: "Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government, and Free Markets." Despite the charges leveled by Social Democrats and their enablers in the "main stream media" that this constitutes a radical agenda, it is actually in the historical and  political mainstream. Perhaps that is an indication of how far liberal have degenerated when political appeals to the cornerstone ideas of our founders are labeled "radical."

The Tea Party Movement  not only has settled on a simple, core message, it also has organized to publicize the message and effect political change. The movement attracted attention with its rallies, but it sustained the message through blogs and social media. More importantly, members organized local chapters to sustain the message and coordinate political action. The results of the last election cycle evidences the movements success.

Below is an account of a Tea Party meeting in DC by Reason TV

Meanwhile, the Occupy Wall Street Movement still searches for a message, because it still searches for leadership. A group claiming the speak for the original Occupation in NYC, calling itself the New York City General Assembly, posted this  this list of demands. Some of the demands are moderate; others call for a fundamental transformation of our political and economic system. Meanwhile, Adbusters, the original initiators of OWS, warned supporters against a rival faction calling itself the Demands Working Group, that has created its own agenda.

It remains to be seen if OWS can organize for political action. The movement communicates through websites, blogs, and social media, but it has given no indication that it can organize itself into an effective political movement. So far, they continue to "occupy," apparently believing that their mere presence is sufficient for change.

 Perhaps this gets back to the kind of change sought by Adbusters. This group is convinced that corporations and the media have imposed a kind of "false consciousness"  called consumerism on "the people." Perhaps they are equally convinced that occupying downtown parks with signs, chants, and bongo drums will break through this "false consciousness" and enable Americans to see reality as it really is. Then Americans will act politically on behalf of the changes supported by the occupiers.

Below is a visit by Reason TV to OWS:

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