Monday, November 7, 2011

Occupy Atlanta Finds its "Hero" and Moves to the Burbs

Occupy Atlanta camped out in Woodruff Park for a month. Mayor Kasim Reed said their time was up. So he revoked an executive order that allowed them to camp out overnight in the park.

As the 11:00 PM curfew approached, police began clearing the park and blocking its entrances. Some occupiers remained in the part to face arrest while others reassemble for a march on downtown streets, blocking traffic.

That's whe Occupy Atlanta found its first hero.

A policeman on a motorcycyle tried to pass through the crowd. As he slowed to a stop, an occupier grabbed his handlebars and blocked him from going any further. That is when other occupiers "intervened," as the Atlanta-Journal Constitution put it. What that means in journalese, is that the other occupiers tried to pull the officers of his bike and push the bike over.

Here are two versions of the video.

Here is a video of Occupy Atlanta spokeman Tim Franzen lying about it.

Perhaps soon Tim and his media enablers will be comparing the Atlantan who obstructed the police motorcycle to that lone Chinese man who stopped the column of tanks in Tiananmen Square. After all, the Occupiers believe that they, too, live in a police state.

Meanwhile, Occupy Atlanta moved on to the suburbs to occupy a house in foreclosure. Somehow this will stop the bank from seizing it.

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