Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Is OWS Racist?

Its a dumb question.

But liberal political activists and their mainstream media enablers incessantly throw this question about conservatives in general and of the  the Tea Party Movement in particular. Although the Tea Party Movement has delivered  a consistent message about limited government and lower taxes, liberal groups such as the NAACP and many liberal opinion writers have accused the movement as racist at its core or at heavily populated by racist fringe members.

Few black Americans have participated in the OWS Movement. In fact, black Americans constitute  less than two percent of OWS protesters. Moreover, the most prominent veteran of the black civil rights struggle, John Lewis, got the brush off a couple of months back when he tried to visit a OWS rally. Maybe they did not know who he was. Maybe they thought he was simply a Congressman.

Finally,  a writer for the Washington Post finally took note of this demographic fact. Now the writer does not overtly accuse the OWS Movement of racism. The piece consists of a "black America told you so" about economic inequality and social injustice, etc. But at least the writer mustered up the courage to acknowledge the predominantly white participation in OWS.

So will the mainstream media now pick up on this and begin to ask the OWS movement if it is racism since it seem unable to reach out to black Americans who suffer disproportionately from the current financial and economic crisis.

Don't count on it.

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