Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Can Obama Prorogue the Congress?

A short intermission from our search for the republic for look at current events.

One episode captured at the Daily Caller ties in nicely to some recent posts at Right Detour.

Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. offers some interesting policy advice to President Obama:

The most obvious flaws in the plan are economic—a $100 billion bailout of the states, a $100 billion dollar bailout of the cities, and a $600 billion bailout of the unemployed. This latter program would hired 15 million unemployed Americans at an annual salary of $40,000. Of course, no consideration is given to any education or skills that might warrant such a salary. In addition, he said it could be a five year program. Let's see—now we are talking about a $3 trillion program.

The less obvious, but more dangerous aspect of his policy advice, is that the President should rule cast aside the Congress and rule as a wartime President. He likened our current circumstances to those faced by Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War. Just like the states were in rebellion then, the Congress is in rebellion now. It is difficult to imagine a more ignorant and clumsy historical analogy.

Of course, the Congress cannot be in rebellion against the government. It IS the government. In a republic, the lawmaking branch is the essence of the government.

If one is seeking an historical analogy, maybe it should be found in the attempts of King Charles I to rule England without Parliament. He issued new taxation without the consent of Parliament. He arrested wealthy Parliamentarians to extract forced loans from them. And he dissolved Parliament when it tried to investigate government misconduct.

And he lost his head.

King Charles I

President Barack Obama

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