Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tea Party Lynch Mob

The Tea Party movement is in the news again.

But not for any rallies or conventions that it organized. At a townhall meeting in Miami, Congressman Andre Carson accused the movement of racism.  Tea Party movement has consistently directed its fury at corporate bailouts and the national debt incurred to fund them. Nevertheless,  liberal purveyers of " the paranoid style" continue to treat the Tea Party as modern resurgence of the old White Citizens Councils of the 1950s  that opposed integration, obstructed voting rights, and warned young people about the dangers of that "niggra" rock music.

Carson's charge that racism lies behind the Tea Party Movement by itself is just another stilted paragraph in the liberal narrative about the conservative populist movement. Obama represents change; he is black. Tea Party opposes change, they are racist.

 Carson's delusional rant went way over the line. For he directed his obscene comments not to the Tea Party movement itself, but to fellow members of the House of Representatives supported by the Tea Party.

Does he really believe that his fellow Congressmen want to see black citizen hanging from tree? If he knows any such representatives, then he needs to name them.

And how does he know?

Has Carson secretly witnessed  them burning crosses at Tea Party townhall meetings?

Has Carson seen any of these representatives sending out their Klan robes  to be laundered?

Has Carson himself suffered from attempts at intimidation?

Maybe its time for John Boehner to appoint a special committee to investigate.

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