Friday, September 16, 2011

Palin's Full Court Press of Glen Rice

Tea Party favorite Sarah Palin is in the news again--if this really qualifies as news.

Author Joe McGinniss, who camped out next door to the Palins to research what Todd Palin called McGinnisss' “creepy obsession” with his wife, finally published his book. McGinniss cites the usual unnamed sources to claim that years ago she smoked pot, snorted cocaine, and committed adultery with her husband's business partner. The charge that seems to have attracted the most interest is that shortly before her marriage Palin hooked up with University of Michigan All-American and future NBA star Glen Rice. He alleges that Sarah  had an inordinate interest in black men and that she “full-court pressed” Rice in her sister's college dorm room.

Below is sports reporter Sarah Heath on the tournament in question:

If true, the story illustrates the continuing erosion of the private lives of public officials. Until a couple of decades back, the press ignored private indiscretions of public officials, even when they occurred while in office. Gradually the press began to report on these indiscretions, at least when they happened while in public service. Now the press appears open to reporting the indiscretions of public officials even when they occurred when these officials were unknown private individuals.

If false, it demonstrates the length to which writers and their unnamed sources will slander those with whom they despise.

But why does McGinnis stop where he did?  Why settle for some salacious speculation? Why not tap into the left-wing conspiratorial readership and offer something really big?

Remember, in that Alaska tournament. Michigan opened with a 106-76 trouncing of Miami, in which Rice scored 22 points and grabbed 6 rebounds. Then after Palin wore him out in the sack so that he lost his legs, Michigan lost to Arizona 79-64, when Rice scored 15 and made 6 turnovers.

Then 25 years later those same Arizona boosters that engineered the Palin-Rice tryst teamed with the Koch brothers get her a sweetheart deal on her new house in Arizona.

Has McGinniss let a Pulitzer slip from his fingers?

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