Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Media Coverage: A Man-made Disaster

Michele Bachmann created another stir because of a recent speech in Florida:

Mainstream media commentators, of course, quickly pounced on her comments as either a gaffe or yet another example of her Christian alternative universe.

After receiving criticism for those remarks, a representative from the campaign claimed that Bachmann made the comments in jest.

It appears that her remarks were exactly that.

She smiled as she made them. Audience members laughed. They got the joke.

Why can't the media?

But then there is Pat Robertson. Despite his opening remarks about wanting to "get weird," Robertson promptly "gets weird:"

The mainstream media  does not seem to devote the same diligence at liberal "gaffes."

Remember actor Danny Glover from a couple of years ago? Instead of attributing the Haiti earthquake to Almighty God, he claimed it came from Almighty Global Warming. I do not recall very much condescending snickering from taking heads on that one.

Below is Danny "Lethal Weapon" Glover taking taking aim at coherence.

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