Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stuck in the "Mitt-le"

The previous post noted the unusual interest that mainstream media reporters in the teachings of Marcus and Michele Bachmann's former church denomination, the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. The Synod teaches what it calls  its historical judgment that the Catholic Pope is the Anti-Christ foretold in the Christian  scriptures. Such teachings may not sit well with any Catholic voters whose support Bachmann hopes to win.

So far, not much detailed interest has been directed from the mainstream media into the Mormon beliefs of Mitt Romney.  Pastors and theologians probably have analyzed Mormon beliefs and their compatibility with the orthodox understanding of the Bible on behalf of their congregations. For the most part, however, the mainstream media has noted Mormonism's awkward place in American religious landscape. Lawrence O'Donnell went off on one of Mormonism's more dispicable doctrines:

Now a news personality on FOX news challenged the idea that Mormonism one of the branches of Christianity. Ainsley Earhardt, who obviously is a Christian, commented on Romney's prospects among religious conservatives. She observed that as a Mormon, he is "obviously no being a Christian."

Poor Romney  now is stuck in the middle, with both liberals and conservative Christians challenging the legitimacy of his faith.

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